Careers in Mathematics

Slide1The field of mathematics is one that is used in the jobs marketplace in many different areas. It can be used for various purposes in the fields of finance, science and even government. There is a wide selection of careers one can choose with a degree in mathematics. Here are some of the more popular careers that today’s graduate with a mathematics degree can choose for their life’s path.

Actuaries and Statisticians

This job deals with huge amounts of data which gets organized and analyzed. Mathematicians then use the data to make decisions in various industries. In the field of government, a statistician can analyze data which leads to the development of policies. Statisticians are also used to predict demand for certain programs, such as Medicaid or unemployment benefits.

Actuaries focus their mathematical skills on risk management and they are generally employed by insurance companies. An actuary can help determine if a person is a good risk for the insurance company to insure. They may take into account such data as the person’s age, driving habits, family health history and other data and conclude if the insurance company would benefit from giving the person a policy and the price at which the company would make a profit.


Economists generally deal with financial issues that affect a business, a city, a county and even the nation. They study things like tax rates and worker wages along with the idea of supply and demand. They use their findings to make recommendations about financial policies and they also use the information they have to predict trends in a particular area of an economy. Economists typically study the field of mathematics along with communications, analysis and research. More than 50 percent of people who work as economists work for the government in some way or another.

Professors and Teachers

Professional mathematicians can spend their time passing on their knowledge to another generation of people interested in a career in mathematics. They can either become college professors with a specialty field of mathematics or they can teach in high school or middle school with subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and others.

Computer Programmers

As a computer programmer, a person uses information and computation to create and install computer systems. This is one of the most popular fields for mathematicians as it takes logical thinking with precise attention to details. As a result, mathematicians are highly sought after as computer programmers.


This is the study and application of hiding information from others by using both mathematics and computer science. Cryptography has been used by spies in various periods throughout history and it is still used today in foreign affairs. Domestically, the field of cryptology is used to secure ATM cards, computer passwords, credit card information and much more. It’s an important field for many reasons and an ideal career for many mathematicians.